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The Force Tamper 58.5 mm

The World's Best Precision Tamper

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What is The Force Tamper?

The Force Tamper is the World's First Handheld consistent Pressure Tamper.

The Force Tamper employs a patented spring mechanism, set up to an adjustable predetermined pressure, allowing for ultra-consistent tamping while reducing wrist strain.

How Does It Work?

A hidden spring inside the handle is set to your preferred pressure, with a light push downwards the base punches down, immediately tamping, and goes right back, ready to be used again right away.

Stunning Design

Winner of the Red Dot 2017 Award, this tamper is truly a beautiful addition to any coffee shop and home coffee bar!


Weight: 315g / 470g (With Packaging)
Pressure: Adjustable; 20-40 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel, Wood Handle

Each Package Includes

- Classic Jelly Bean Handle
- 58.5mm Flat Base
- Soft Travel Pouch
- The Force Tamper Branded Silicone Mat

Will It Fit?

The diameter of the base is 58.5mm, designed to fit all modern top of the line espresso machine. If you do not own a 58.5mm basket, we highly recommend purchasing one to improve your extractions.

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