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    ARO Orbit™ | Spirographic Espresso Distribution Tool | Geared Spinning WDT Tool
    Textured 58mmCarbon Fiber 58mm
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    ARO Orbit Set Up and Use

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    ARO Orbit

    Introducing the ARO Orbit™, a premium spirographic espresso distribution tool. We've optimized every aspect of this tool — from meticulously engineered gear ratios and pin placements to a mechanism that spins with the ease of a finger. Elevate your espresso with unmatched consistency in every pull. Perfectly fluffed and distributed baskets of espresso are just a few spins away.

    What's in the Box?

    ARO Orbit™ gear mechanism with adjustable pin height sleeve
    Self-aligning stand with weighted base
    20x pins (0.25mm diameter), including two pin storage tubes

    Key Features

    Innovative Gear Design: Features three gears for quick mixing, fluffing, and distribution in just a few spins.

    The Sweeper: A long-armed gear slices through clumps at high speeds.
    The Scrambler: A short-armed gear bounces pins back and forth to mix and evenly distribute grounds. The Edge Dancer: A small gear moves grounds near the edge for full coverage. Precision Pins: Uses 10 ultra-fine pins to distribute and fluff espresso grounds evenly.

    Efficient Distribution: Spirographic motion ensures consistent and quick fluffing for a uniform espresso bed.
    Adjustable Needle Length: Customize the needle length to fit any portafilter basket depth.
    Unique Finishes: Comes in two finishes (textured, carbon fiber) to personalize your espresso station.

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